Rubezahl’s Daughter

Join us in welcoming a new beer into the world, Rübezahl’s Daughter. This one is special because it is a beer inspired by the birth of our Head Brewer Ross’ first child, a girl!

But just who is this mythic character Rubenzahl?

One interpretation is from the story How Rübezahl Got his Name, by Johann Karl August Musäus, which recounts how Rübezahl abducted a princess who liked turnips (German: Rübe). The princess gets very lonely there in the mountains. To keep her company, Rübezahl turns the turnips into her friends and acquaintances. As the turnips wiltafter a little while, so do the persons that were created by Rübezahl’s magic. The princess asks him to count (zählen) the turnips in the field. While he counted, she escaped.

7% ABV

45 IBU from German Huell Melon hops

The Purplest Beer Ever!!!

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(Updated 4/20/20)

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