Belgian Series: Luna Azul Kumquat Wit

Luna Azul Kumquat Wit


Our Belgian style white beer develops a spicy white pepper & clove aroma from the Belgian yeast & it has a fresh orange/lemon nose from organic kumquat’s gifted from a local Phoenix gardener.

This dark gold to light copper brew has a huge white head that falls quickly due to the oils in the kumquats but leaves a small ring of bubbles in your glass.

If you’re new to Belgian beers, this is a good starting point as the bready wheat flavors hit the pallet first, followed by a succession of spicy yeast phenol’s of pepper & clove.

Luna Azul’s lemon & orange flavors follow the others, to help clear your pallet to go in for another sip.

This soft brew will pair beautifully with our seasonal salad with shrimp or grilled chicken.

5.3% Abv. 20 IBU’s Color 5 SRM

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(Updated 4/20/20)

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