Dank Knight XX Black Rye IPA

Dank Knight XX Black Rye IPA

Dank Knight has a subtle earthy nose from the Jarrylo, Rakau & Simcoe hops plus rye malt, surrounded by a sweet smoky malt aroma.

It’s as dark as a night in Gotham, with just a hint of amber highlights on the rim, topped with a nice tan head.

The Knight will hit your taste buds like a Batman right hook, “Pow, Kabam” with tons of Columbus hop bitterness & flavor from this 100 IBU hop bomb.

The finish is spicy deep dark malt that lingers on the tongue for a minute, then leaves with a dryness and a hint of dark caramelized sugars.

The 8% alcohol clears the pallet so you’re ready for the next sip.

8.3% Abv, 100+ IBU’s Color 44 SRM

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(Updated 4/20/20)

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