Hulk Smash – SMASH SERIES Release #1

This Friday, December 8th, we are tapping the first of a series of SMASH IPA’s (Single Malt Single Hops).

“HULK SMASH” is a double IPA at 8.1 % ABV and a big 120 IBU’s with lots, and lots, and lots of Simcoe Hops!

When we asked Head Brewer Ross if he wanted to dry hop this IPA,he said something we never thought we’d hear from him: “It’s hoppy enough!”

This is the first time he’s ever passed up a chance to add more hops to beer (and we all know that he likes hops).

So, you know it’s a unique beer when he says that! So come down to SunUp Friday and enjoy some SMASH GOODNESS. 

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(Updated 4/20/20)

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