Krampus Kranberry Spiced Ale

Krampus Kranberry Spiced Ale 2016

This year’s Krampus is an ale brewed with lots of tart cranberries to create a fruity, tart & malt sweetness in the aroma with a spicy component coming through as it warms up. We used the spices of the winter season with nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, allspice & clove creating the smell of the Holidays. Krampus this year is a deep brown with red highlights & a tan head. The tart fruity bite up front has a lingering dryness in the finish just like you would expect from cranberries & winter spices. Take home a growler for a wonderful complement to any Holiday dinner of the cooler weather treats like squash, sweet potatoes, roasted duck, turkey or chicken.

Here’s to all your Holiday wishes & may Krampus not grace your door this season. Cheers.

5.5% Abv. 30 IBU’s


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