Wine Barrel Aged Plum Barleywine

Wine Barrel Aged Plum Barleywine

This complex Barleywine has been ageing for 9 months, in Eruption red wine barrels from Brassfield Estate Winery, in Clearlake Oaks, CA creating a very complex brew.

First sniff is a big fruity plum, raisin nose, followed by a sweet, almost pastry crust, toasted breadiness.

The color is unfiltered dark amber with a huge pillowed tan head.

The flavors complexity starts as a deep rich candied plum, raisin sweetness joined by a tart bright fruitiness in the finish.

For such a big beer there are no hot alcohol flavors or aromas, just a beautiful juicy, fruity complex sipper.

It paired nicely with Tuxedo strawberries & coffee, chili truffles at our Valentines Dinner.

Also try it with Sun Up Seasonal Salad with currents & toasted pecans or an aged Gouda or Parmesan cheese plate, should hold up to the big rich flavors.

9.3% Abv. 65 IBU’s 25 SRM


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(Updated 4/20/20)

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