White Russian Imperial Coffee Stout

This big boy, is the big brother in our portfolio with huge coffee, bittersweet chocolate, dark caramel, roasted grain, vanilla, sweet cream & dark fruits, like plum, raisin & prunes. The flavor is a huge burst of rich coffee & cream and dark unsweetened chocolate. The fruitiness from the dark roasted malts brings in the flavors of stone fruits & creates a full almost chewy mouth feel and plenty of body. The big alcohol of this brew creates nice alcohol warmth. Along with being a desert all by itself, White Russian will pair well with big flavored foods like duck, venison, wild turkey, goose, aged cheeses like Gouda, Parmesan or sharp cheddar. If dessert is more to your liking, pair with dark chocolate truffles, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate raspberry mousse cake or a double chocolate chip cookie. Yum!

9.4% Abv.     65 IBU’s       44 SRM         Available in 1/4 & 1/2 Barrels, 12 oz. cans



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