Wild Thing – Imperial Southwestern IPA

Unknown to most, there are wild hops growing in the Arizona wilderness, growing large and healthy, just waiting to be put in something special.

And that’s just what we did.

Our Head Brewer Ross and brewing assistant Brian journeyed to find and collect some of these Arizona wild hops. What they came back with was a surprise to us all.

Twenty-five pounds of local wild hops!

These were immediately added to our Imperial Southwestern IPA for dry hopping. (Southwest because there is also 40 lbs of agave in it.)

What can we say? This is a special beer.

An Imperial Southwest IPA that we call “Wild Thing”. This beer boasts 40lbs of agave and 25lbs of real wild hops, found in the wild here in Arizona. The aroma of this beer is reminiscent of a fresh rain in the desert – floral and just a hint of sweetness. With a longer boil time comes a sweeter first taste, while the agave keeps things dry as you enjoy it. The wild hops offer a variety of flavors that are both complex and approachable. A light bitterness at then end of a drink is more inviting than anything else. You’ll want another taste, and then another, and then another…

This beer goes amazingly well with spicier foods like our green chile pork, or something savory like our Green Chile/Artichoke cheese deep. We think this is a great beer for either the travelled beer aficionado, or anyone new to craft beer. Try it, and see if you don’t fall in love with the “Wild Thing” too.

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(Updated 4/20/20)

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