Event Policies and Information

Event Policies and information

Room Rental:

Room rental fees vary from $100 to $300 based on the date and time of your event. Rooms are reserved for a period of three hours; additional hours may be arranged upon request for an additional fee. After that time, the room may be re-opened to other patrons of the restaurant.

Food and Beverage Minimums:

Minimum food and beverage purchases as well as minimum guest counts may apply based on the date and time of your event. These fees will be discussed in advance and before any deposit is made for the event.


A credit card must be placed on file for any private party/event. For events under $500 nothing will be charged to the credit card. In the event of a cancellation within a 48 hour window of the event, a $150 charge will be made to the credit card on file. Events over $500 will require a personal or business check of $150 post dated for one day after the event. This check can be returned or put towards the full payment.


Final payment is due at the conclusion of your event. Final payments must be made via credit card or cash. We do not include automatic gratuity. One check is preferred, but separate checks are certainly possible. Please inform us ahead of time if you will need separate checks.


Deposits for private events are refundable (or transferable to another date) if the event is canceled at least 48 hours prior to the date of the event. Events canceled with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit their entire deposit.

Menus and Guest Count:

Menus and guest counts will be noted on an Event Order Sheet that is prepared by the event planner for Sun Up Brewing Company and accepted by the organizer of the event. Estimated final guest count (plus or minus 5 guests) and any menu changes must be given to the event planner at least one week in advance. No guest count or menu changes will be accepted with less than 48 hours notice before the event.


We have several choices for how to serve you and your guests during your event. The event planner will be happy to help you choose which one is right for you.

Open Bar: Drinks will be rung up as ordered during the event and placed on the same bill with the food. This is a good option for someone who wants to pay for the entire party. The open bar option can be customized to include certain beers, wines, and ciders while excluding others. Also, we can customize this option if you would like to offer a certain number of drinks free of charge or a time limit to your guests, and then have them pay for any that fall outside these limitations.

Cash Bar: Guests pay for their own alcoholic beverages. Guests should inform their servers ahead of time who will be paying together or separately. Please ask guests to bring cash to pay as they go or a credit card to start a tab.

Drinks available include any of our regular beers, seasonal selections, cask ales, a revolving selection of wines, and bottled ciders.


Our talented kitchen looks forward to providing you with a fantastic dining experience. Coffee, tea, and soda are offered at no extra charge with any buffet food package. Sales Tax is not included in the per person price and will be added in at the end. If you don’t see an item you would like-just ask! We will do what we can to accommodate any special requests.

Option #1: Appetizer Buffet

Appetizers are set up in chafing dishes and served buffet style. We offer two price points to choose from and additional platters that can be added on.

Option # 1: Appetizer Buffet

The Stout Buffet: Pick 4 at $18.00 per person

The Pilsner Buffet: Pick 3 at $15 per person

Green Chile Quesadillas – $25 each
Mini Burger Sliders – $25 per platter
Brats w/ kraut – $22 per platter
Green Chile dip served w/ Chips – $20 per platter
SunUp Signature Nachos- $20 per platter
Chicken Wings served w/ choice of Ranch or Bleu Cheese- $1 per piece
(flavor options: Mild, Medium, Hot, Honey Hot BBQ or SunUp Special Dry Rub)
Pretzel Bites served w/ Pub Beer Mustard – $15 per 36 bites
Grilled Jalapeno Poppers – $15 per platter
Mexican Street Corn Bites – $15 per platter
Chips & House made Salsa – $15 per platter
Jumbo House Salad w/ choice of dressing – $15

Platter Only Options

Crudité (Fresh Vegetables and dip)- $15 per platter
Fresh Fruit- $20 per platter
Hummus and Dippers- $20 per platter

Appetizers are set up in chafing dishes and served buffet style.


Option #2: Limited Menu

With the choice of a limited menu, you can select any 5 items from our regular menu to have guests select from during dinner. Each dish is charged the same amount as is listed on our current menu. (Maximum 30 people)


Option #3: Dinner Buffet

Dinner will be served in chafing dishes, buffet style. Vegetarian selections can be added upon request. There are various options to choose from.

Straight Sanoran: $15.00 per person

Choice of two

Enchiladas (Chicken, Beef or Spinach)
Mexican Rice and Beans
Chips and Salsa
Backyard Buffet: $15.00 per person
Choice of Burger Sliders or Brats and Kraut
Homemade Potato Salad
Garden Salad
Sipping Pretty: $18.00 per person
Chicken Fresca w/ roasted corn
Seasonal Vegetables
Garden Salad

Hop Head Dinner: $18.00 per person

Green Chili Pork w/ corn tortillas
Rice and Beans
Sanoran Salad

Brew Master Dinner: $25.00 per person

Roasted Beef Tenderloin
Season Vegetables
Roasted Red Potatoes
Garden Salad
Honey White Rolls with Butter

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