Our Brewermeister

Uwe Boer – Brewmeister

Near Cologne & Düsseldorf in 1960 in Dortmund, Germany, Uwe was born surrounded by the fragrance of the breweries that surrounded the city. No matter the direction of the breeze the smell of malt and hops permeated his young senses.

He traveled to the United States and to San Diego sponsored by friends and worked in different occupations during which, he began homebrewing more than twenty years ago. Uwe’s first brews started with a kit and supplies, moving to fresher ingredients and more interesting flavors.

In 1995, the Sonora Brewing Company began design on a new brewery on the Westside of Phoenix. Uwe traveled from California to interview and after many conversations, was hired as the head brewer. He was tutored by Jim Leuders (who was trained in Bavaria) in brewing and managing a professional brewing facility. The equipment was pulled together by the owner and was collected from all over the country, handcrafted the parts together and a new microbrew was born. For ten years, as brewmeister, he brewed, kegged, and bottled ales, lagers and rootbeer at the Sonora brewery.

When ownership closed the brewery, Uwe helped Norm Horn, owner of the Sonora Brewhouse, locate a microbrewery (luckily) in southern Minnesota and a new brewing company came into existence, at first using the same name, and then changing to Sun Up Brewing Company. At the same time the Sonora Brewhouse, the new brewer, began operating as, Sun Up Brewing. The current seven barrel system works well, but not enough to also distribute.

Now, after eight years, another expansion for Uwe to manage, is being built next door. Along with the new state of the art brewing system, using a gas fired kettle rather than steam, he will be making beer in a 15 barrel system from Specific Mechanical. And just for fun, and for beer fans requiring an interesting and delicious brew: a new nano brewing system for completely unique, small batch, pub only, specialty brews served alongside the seasonal and more popular beers.


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