Sunna’s Nektar – Braggot

LATEST NEWS ON Sunna’s Nektar (December 2017)

We’ve won GOLD!! It was announced last week that our Sunna’s Nektar Braggot was awarded a gold medal by Tastings, of the Beverage Tasting Institute. This is now the SECOND medal awarded to our specialty beer, and we couldn’t be more proud. Thank you again to Superstition Meadery for their support on this project, but most of all to our loyal patrons for supporting us as we make the drinks we love!

Link to the announcement here! 

What is a Braggot?

A Braggot isn’t just a fancy name for a beer… It is a beverage produced from both malt and honey and is in essence a mixed drink, part beer part mead. Historic references suggest Braggot is a Celtic drink from at least the 12th century; it is mentioned in

The Canterbury Tales. In such times honey was the major source of sugar and Braggot would have been a common and distinctive drink in medieval Europe.

Where did you get the idea/nerve to create a Braggot?

We never would have been able to make Sunna’s Nektar without the support and encouragement of our friends at Superstition Meadery. Jeff Herbert’s guidance and support has made our ability to make this special drink a reality. Mead is still new to the drinking experience for many Arizonans, and Braggots all the more so. There has not beenanything in this state made quite like what we were able to produce, and we aren’t alone in thinking so…

While this Braggot was


a mere 3 months old, it won a BRONZE medal in the Mazer Cup, an international mead competition. Can you imagine how good it must be now, standing at nearly two years old, having aged its entire life in bourbon barrels? (Spoiler alert: we haven’t had to imagine, we’ve tested it along the way, and it is INCREDIBILE).

So again, thanks to our partners in this collaboration at Superstition Meadery. Your bold vision of creating unique and excellent meads have inspired us to dare to make something this exclusive and unique.

Your price point for a bottle is $75.00. That seems like an extremely high price point. Why did you choose that price?

This is a fair question, and we are happy to answer it.

This is not a seasonal or specialty beer, nor is it a pint, tall boy, or anything like that. When we did our research about fair pricing we consulted our friends at Superstition Meadery for comparable meads and bottle size.

To give you a quick breakdown of costs on our end, we invested thousands of dollars in quality grains and top tier honey, not to mention the yeasts and other ingredients that make Sunna’s Nektar such an exclusive Braggot. We chose so much honey because we wanted this to be a “never been done before” type of high octane beer.

In the end 45% of the fermentables were honey in the batch (more than 500 lbs), and folks just don’t do that. Most other breweries only use 20-25% honey in their interpretation of Braggots. We went all out to create somethingspecial! Going above and beyond to make something amazing was our goal.

In the end, with the time and work involved in keeping it properly aging for almost two years in bourbon barrels, the investment in top tier ingredients, and the comparison with equal high end meads, we feel like this is a great investment that you can add to your collection like you would a high quality, collectors alcohol in your cellar or drink collection.

How large are the bottles?


How many bottles can I purchase?

For the pre-release on July 14-15, the first 48 bottles are being released will have a 2 bottle max per person. When we offer the full release of the rest of the allotment on August 18, we will announce any bottle limits then.

Will you make another Braggot like this one?

We really do hope to. As always, sales and consumer review of our product will guide our future decisions. If the earlyreviews of Sunna’s Nektar are any indication, we think we will begin making another one sooner than later (though it wouldn’t hit the market for quite a while). We are not interested in making something just to make it – Uwe & the rest of us at SunUp want push the limits of what has been done, so that we make something that is truly remarkable. A great beer or Braggot or mead is one that you remember drinking long after the taste has left your mouth. That’s what we want to give you: an experience you won’t forget.

You say this Braggot is “exclusive”. What do you mean by that?

It means a couple of things…

  • No one has made anything like this in Arizona.
  • It’s the only time we are going to make this particular Braggot with this particular ingredient list and this particular aging process.
  • There is a limited bottle supply. Once it’s gone, it is gone forever.

We hope this has been a helpful explanation of what we have created and why we are so proud of it. We also hope this clarifies that this is not just a special beer, but a truly unique drink that we have invested a great deal of time, money, and love into.

We invite you to celebrate with us the release of this labor of love, a gift of the gods, Sunna’s Nektar!


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